In R&D terms (research-and-development), AGD Research is a pure R organization (business and network). This site showcases its' current-findings to software-developers, and all who have an interest. The site-content is free-source IP, is in the public domain, and there to be utilized by any-and-all, however they wish.

The web-pages are designed to convey a summary understanding. For a detailed understanding there are downloads available on the Downloads web-page. These contain working examples, the computer code (MS VBA), and white-papers.

Of particular interest is the NoChop algorithm and its' STree (sparse-tree) data-structure. This was a major prizewinner in the Blue-Yonder and its' parent company Panasonic's 2022 "Crystal-Ball" competition, coming ahead of over 100 competing ideas in AI and IT from around the world.

The accompanying diagram positions NoChop within the IT "stack" (a ubiquitous hierarchy representation of software dependencies). This deep-stack algorithm is theoretically up to 8 times faster sorting, retrieving and maintaining data than current-ones. In-practice it already has a demonstrable-speed-supremacy over QuickSort (+50%), BinaryChop (+350%), and BTree (+100%).

These algorithms form necessary-and-critical components of databases (relational and NoSql/distributed in-memory), platforms, and operating systems, as well as certain sophisticated applications such as virtual-machines. They are fundamental building-blocks supporting the entire stack-structure of IT. NoChop/STree is a new-and-better approach to an existing requirement, which in IT "speak"/vernacular is termed a "new-old" solution.

The NoChop/STree combination was recently discovered by AGD Research as a bi-product of research into symbolic-processors. These form a putative new application-type which possesses a universal data-model (the spectral-data-model), that is super-set of the STree data-structure. A symbolic-processor is a new approach to a new requirement, which in IT "speak"/vernacular is termed a "new-new" solution.

UK/Netherlands based, AGD Research (founded in 1999) is a niche provider of services to the major IT consultancies and fortune-500 companies in the US, Europe and APAC. These services have focused on implementing sophisticated optimization algorithms for supply-chains and value-chains.

AGD Research is also an informal network of consultants and technicians who have worked closely with each other over many years on multiple projects, and whose expertise has been combined and maximized to deliver significant business benefits.
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